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Sony TV's Anamika news "Anamika to hypnotize Jeet"

Sony TV's Anamika
As there has been a change in the storyline, Anamika (Trishula Productions), on Sony Entertainment Television, is heading towards an interesting twist.

Our source informs us that Jeet (Mudit Nayar) and Rano (Annie Gill) will soon be entering into wedlock. But Anamika (Simran Kaur) will feel jealous and will not want Rano to marry Jeet.

Soon, Jeet will get to learn that the real culprit behind this vicious game is Anamika. However, before he can do anything, Anamika will hypnotize Jeet and make him dance to her tunes.

This will lead to loads of chaos and confusion which viewers will have to wait and watch.

When our source contacted Mudit Nayar, he said, “We are working on a storyline but I have no clue how the story shall move forward.”
Anamika Aka Simran Kaur

Anamika Aka Simran Kaur


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