Manish Rajsinghania Aka Siddhant

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Manish Rajsinghania Aka Siddhant

Sasural Simar Ka

Sometimes I feel I should name a fictitious girlfriend to shut up gossip mongers: Manish Raisinghania
Manish Rajsinghania
Manish Raisinghania, seen in Colors’ Sasural Simar Ka (Sunrise Productions), is a little miffed these days. Reason? Let’s talk to him and find out.

I am angry with certain people who are constantly talking about my personal life. I have had a past just like everybody else. Relationships happen and break up. But some people keep dredging up this matter.”

He said this in response to our query when we called him and said that our source had informed us about the real reason of his break up with Rishma Rochlani (Swarg).

The buzz is that he was two timing (i.e. he was dating another woman while being in a relationship with Rochlani.”

This is sheer nonsense. Our break up was mutual and there was nothing as you allege. I don’t know why people are so much interested in my personal life. May be because I am not seeing someone at the moment. I too would love to get into a relationship, but right now Sasural Simar Ka is taking up all my time. I don’t want to get into a relationship where I will not be able to give time to my woman. Hence sometimes I feel I should name a fictitious girlfriend which will then shut up all gossip mongers.”

Manish, sadly does not seem to be lucky in relationship matters. He had two of his engagements called off recently. One was with the cousin of actor Sachin Shroff.


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