Manava Naik is an Indian television actress. STAR One's series, Special Squad, was her first television series
Manva Naik , Indian TV actress Manva Naik actress C.I.D , Teen Bahuraniyan TV actress: The talented actress Manva Naik essays the role of Manjeet in the new family entertainer `Teen Bahuraniyan.
TV actress: Manva Naik aka ManjeetThe extremely talented actress Manva Naik has managed to woo the audiences of the small screen by her character portrayal of a Gujarati `bahu` in the recently launched family drama `Teen Bahuraniyan`. In this soap she plays the youngest daughter-in-law who is a Punjabi by birth but is married into a typical Gujarati family.
Manva Naik actress C.I.D , Teen Bahuraniyan TV actress
Manva Naik actress C.I.D , Teen Bahuraniyan TV actress
However she claims that this soap is quite different from that of the other `saans-bahu` flicks as it has a blend of both humour and pathos and also makes an attempt to bring out the positive aide of a daughter-in-law and mother-in-law relation. The other high point of this serial is that interesting cultural exchange among the three daughter-in-laws. Earlier this actress was seen in the character portrayal of Dimple Thakkar who was the eldest grand daughter in the family born to Leela and Arvind. She is portrayed as a student who is studying fashion designing and cares about Baby a lot. She is also shown as the love-interest of Anish who is a rich Indian from America.

In the thriller show `C.I.D.` Manva Naik was shown in the character portrayal of Neha Naik who was a sensitive girl who left home when she could not take the oppressive and abusive behaviors anymore. A belligerent side of hers is revealed the moment she sees any women being abused or cheated. She is also the expert on computer forensics and electronics and hides a really good persona deep behind her grunge look. She is also shown living in with her partner Ajay since the middle of the series and anything out of place makes her so violent that she can bring the house down. Over all her character in the thriller was exciting and helped her to showcase her acting potential to all the television viewers.

The very talented Manva Naik has been receiving a lot of film offers in the recent past. Many renowned filmmakers have approached her with some real good roles in their upcoming projects on the basis of her performance in `Teen Bahuraniyan`. She has also decided to quit the telly show which has catapulted her to fame and wants to try her luck in Bollywood. In a recent interview she herself declared that some of the scripts, which she has been offered, is really amazing and she does not want to loose the opportunity. One of the films is a spicy flick and other one is an offbeat venture. Stating that `Teen Bahuraniyan` is a completely new show and shooting for almost 24 hours is almost taking a toll on her health she wants to quite and make her entry into the film industry.

On the personal Manva Naik will forever be indebted to her dad Arun Nayan who is a businessman by profession from bringing out the actress within her. He is also the greatest critic of her daughter when it comes to the judgment of his daughter`s performances. She claims that she does acting as her passion lies in it. To her materialistic benefits is not that much a concern and the day she realizes that all things would be going the other way she would quit the world of acting. Very people know this fact that she had been acting in Marathi shows since a very tender age. Theater has always been the first choice of this actor and she would always like to enact stage performances whenever she gets a break from her hectic television shoots. This actress is sure to go a long way in the coming times and here is wishing all the best for her future endeavors.


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