Na Bole Tum Na Meine Kuch Kaha twist news: Megha and Mohan not to meet each other at Indore railway station

Megha and Mohan
Colors’ is back with the second season of Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha (Sunshine Productions). And as seen by viewers, Mohan (Kunal Karan Kapoor) has been staying away from Navika/ Nanhi (Jayashree Venketaramanan) and Megha (Akanksha Singh) for 12 years now.

In fact, he chose to stay in a different city altogether. But it looks like fate wants them to get back together yet again. What will unfold? Read on…

Megha and Mohan
As per a reliable source, Nanhi and Megha will visit Indore station to drop Jiji (Madhuri Sanjeev). Jiji will be on her way to Ujjain to meet her bhaiya and bhabhi. And guess what? Mohan will also get down at the same station for he has taken up a job in Indore city.

So will Mohan and Megha see eye to eye and meet each other? Well…here’s a spoiler alert. Not really. Viewers will witness kind of a hit and miss moment.

When we contacted Madhuri Sanjeev to learn more about the track she shared, “Yes, Megha and Nanhi do come to drop me at the station. But it is for you to watch out whether they meet Mohan or not.”
Megha and Mohan


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